Biofeedback Therapy in Washington DC and Maryland by Naturopathic Doctor Randy Gastwirt.

Biofeedback is an effective, evidence-based technique that has aided many patients in better managing and improving a range of ailments. In a general sense, this training teaches you how to use the power of your mind to gain increased control of your body’s physiological responses as a means of enhancing your physical health and overall well-being.

In biofeedback therapy, Dr. Gastwirt will guide you in adjusting your breathing, heart rate, reactions to stress and even your skin temperature in order to more capably address your disorders. If you’re looking for treatment that is noninvasive, doesn’t rely on medication, and enables you to play a more active role in your health, biofeedback therapy could be an excellent option for you. Over time, biofeedback has been successfully used for assistance with anxiety, ADHD, chronic pain, headaches, high blood pressure, side effects from chemotherapy and much more.

Biofeedback Therapy in Washington DC and Maryland by Naturopathic Doctor Randy Gastwirt.

Biofeedback Training

When you come in for a biofeedback training session, the duration of which usually spans from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, Dr. Gastwirt will place painless electrical sensors on different areas of your body. There are numerous biofeedback methodologies to draw on, with the choice of which one(s) to use dependent on the health issues at hand. Some of the common methods involve using sensors to measure heart rate, muscle activity, body temperature, breathing and sweat production.

Biofeedback Treatment in Washington DC

The sensors connected to you provide invaluable information on your body’s particular physiologic responses. As the biofeedback is consistently registered and displayed, you will be able to see how various modifications to your behaviors, thoughts, thought patterns, and even your emotions impact your physiological state. The feedback from the sensors, both baseline and following the use of mind-body techniques helps you better control your physical responses and improve your health conditions.

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