IV Therapy in Washington DC from Doctor Gastwirt Naturopathic Medicine

At National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA), Dr. Gastwirt can provide you with safe and effective IV therapy in a comfortable setting. There are a variety of both nutritional and therapeutic IVs available, and the one (or ones) used will depend on your particular health conditions and needs. Dr. Gastwirt uses IV treatments to help patients with a range of ailments including cancer, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular disease and heavy metal toxicity.

Washington DC IV Treatment from Doctor Gastwirt Naturopathic Medicine

IV Treatments

During IV therapy, substances such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbs are carefully injected in a patient’s arm intravenously. One of the primary advantages of this method is that it allows for efficient delivery of the substance to the body bypassing the digestive tract. IV treatments tend to work more rapidly than those administered by mouth, and make it easier to provide larger doses. Additionally, this therapy is often used for patients with gastrointestinal problems and/or those with nutrient absorption problems.

IV Therapies in Washington DC

The IV therapy that Dr. Gastwirt provides is research-based, and has been shown to enhance health and overall wellness. Among other things, the nutritional and therapeutic IV treatments are effective for improving immune system function, ensuring proper nutrient levels, and detoxifying the body. Side effects are fairly uncommon, and per established procedure each patient is carefully observed by the lab technicians. As with all of the therapies he provides, Dr. Gastwirt will discuss the possible risks with you and will only recommend IV therapy if appropriate for your specific conditions and needs.

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