Naturopathic Nutrition and Nutritional Counseling from Doctor Randy Gastwirt Naturopathic Medicine serving Washington DC and Maryland.

Nutrition is a vital component of naturopathic medicine. With the abundance of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients they contain, healthy foods have tremendous benefits that help the human body heal and function optimally. Dr. Gastwirt’s comprehensive and integrative approach to nutrition incorporates nutritional counseling with individualized diet planning, food allergy & sensitivity testing, lifestyle counseling and more.

The food you consume on a daily basis, whether nutritious or otherwise, has a truly powerful effect on your body and how it functions. Healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes can revitalize your body and promote significant positive changes both physically and mentally. Conversely, unhealthy foods can have various detrimental effects that can worsen over time and potentially lead to disease. It is with this in mind that Dr. Gastwirt has made nutrition an integral part of his naturopathic practice.

Naturopathic Nutrition and Nutritional Counseling from Doctor Randy Gastwirt Naturopathic Medicine serving Washington DC and Maryland.

Functional Nutrition

Dr. Gastwirt draws on an array of well-established, science-driven dietary methods and theories to derive personalized nutritional treatment plans that will best address his patients’ specific needs. When meeting with Dr. Gastwirt for naturopathic nutrition counseling, he will speak with you about the different types of foods and their important nutritional attributes. Taking into account food allergies, dietary restrictions and your personal goals, he will then make easy-to-follow recommendations on what to eat, when to eat it, and in what quantities to help maximize your health.

There are many important benefits to the naturopathic nutrition counseling that Dr. Gastwirt provides. First and foremost, it will help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally as you gain increased energy and a greater sense of overall wellness. Additionally, you will feel more in control of your health and will have the information and tools necessary to continue developing a healthy lifestyle over time. When struggles with healthy eating arise, you will also be able to mindfully manage them and get back on track.

As part of his nutrition therapies, Dr. Gastwirt also offers thorough testing for food allergies and sensitivities as well as nutrient deficiencies. Allergic reactions or sensitivities to particular foods can result in a number of troublesome symptoms, some fairly obvious such as swelling and rashes and others less so including digestive distress, persistent lethargy and intense headaches.

Holistic Nutrition in Washington DC

With his testing methodologies, Dr. Gastwirt will be able to pinpoint any foods that may be causing or worsening certain health issues you’re currently experiencing. Dr. Gastwirt can also run micronutrient tests to see if your body is lacking in any vital nutrients. If not corrected, nutrient deficiencies can weaken the immune system and make it easier for serious problems such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease and even Alzheimer disease to develop or progress.

To best help you improve your health and overall wellbeing, Dr. Gastwirt combines nutrition counseling with lifestyle counseling. What you do on a daily or habitual basis is in many ways as important as the food and beverages you consume. In closely examining your lifestyle and evaluating factors such as exercise, stress management and sleeping schedule, Dr. Gastwirt will help you become more aware of detrimental habits and move toward lasting positive change.

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