Nutritional Supplements in Washington DC from Doctor Gastwirt Naturopathic Medicine

As part of his naturopathic medical services, Dr. Gastwirt provides quality supplements to help improve your nutrition and overall health. At National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA), Dr. Gastwirt will thoroughly evaluate your health and conduct testing to determine which important nutrients you might be deficient in. He will then use this information to choose supplements that will fill in any gaps in your nutrition.

Washington DC Nutritional Supplements from Doctor Gastwirt Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Supplements

The types of supplements that Dr. Gastwirt uses for his patients include vitamins & minerals, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, immune modulators and antioxidants.  Among other benefits, these nutritional supplements are vital for proper immune function, toxin removal and regulation, disease risk reduction and general optimal wellness.

Nutritional Supplementation in Washington DC

Even if you have a diet full of nutritious food, you still may be lacking in certain important nutrients. With his knowledge, experience and resources at NIHA, Dr. Gastwirt will be able to pinpoint any nutritional deficiencies and get you first-rate supplements to enhance your health and wellness.

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